How to Celebrate Dad When You Are Divorced This Father’s Day

The marriage may now be finished, but chances are you and your ex are just getting started when it comes to the new reality of navigating holidays with your children. Trust us, it can be done successfully! With Father’s Day coming up soon, we think it’s the perfect time to learn how to honor the holiday amicably and appropriately for everyone. Check out these five tips to celebrate dad when you are Read More

Divorce Party Yay or Nay?

Yes, there is such a thing as a divorce party. They are becoming increasingly popular, actually. While it may seem unusual to celebrate the end of a marriage, most cultures do honor major life events such as birthdays, graduations and even funerals. As such, maybe it’s not so strange after all to commemorate what was in your marriage and to find closure for yourself. Even so, this approach might not be right for Read More

What to Do When You Realize You’re Married to a Narcissist

It may have started as a fairy tale, but now you’re wondering if your prince charming (or princess) is actually a narcissist. Don’t beat yourself up for missing the signs. Likely there were few, if any, because unfortunately narcissists can be charming, full of romantic gestures and know exactly how to make their partner feel oh so special at first. But eventually something will shift. If you’re at that point, here’s Read More

4 Fun and Easy Activities for Blended Families to Grow Closer

This year for Mother’s Day, we are celebrating everything that mothers do to hold their families close together. Mothers of blended families have to work especially hard, sometimes bridging cultures and vastly different ages to create a new family unit. It can sometimes be challenging to come up with activities to bring everyone in a blended family closer together, especially in the age of social distancing. With Read More

5 Tips to Resolve Disputes with a Narcissist (from a Certified Divorce Specialist)

Regardless of whether your ex has actually been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) or exhibits similar traits, you know how easily even everyday disagreements can escalate and how futile your attempts at rational discussion can seem. So, when it comes to complex issues such as divorce, child custody, child support or spousal support you may wonder if there is any hope for a mutually agreeable Read More

Divorcing a Narcissist or No? Learn How Uncommon this Common Label Really Is.

The narcissist label is commonly used these days when relationships begin to unravel. But, is your ex a true narcissist or just a run of the mill jerk? What you may not realize is that narcissism is actually a personality disorder. However, according to the Cleveland Clinic it’s pretty uncommon – up to only 5% of people have narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Here are signs to watch for and tips on how to Read More

5 Tips for Ex Husbands To Navigate Mother’s Day For Your Kids Mom

So you are divorced and it’s almost Mother’s Day,  you may be wondering what to do for your ex? It is difficult for newly divorced parents to navigate this new territory,  and it’s a situation a large portion of the population has to deal with.I think we can agree that although you’re no longer together, your ex-wife is the mother of your children and deserves appropriate forms of recognition on Mother’s Read More

It’s Mother’s Day – Tips for Navigating the Day as a Blended Family

There are many things that change after a divorce, and how you manage the holidays is a major one. Blended Families are even more challenged during holiday times. With Mother’s Day upon us, managing the stress that can come with the expectations and communications between families is important. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help make the entire experience easier for both you and your Read More

Ask Debra Anything

You asked and Debra answered! We gathered an array of great questions from you on everything from divorce to child custody for her to answer live on Facebook. Below we share the questions asked and Debra’s abbreviated answer! For the full Q&A session watch the video here, and for more information on any personal support and guidance as you navigate divorce and/or co-parenting, our team of Certified Divorce Read More

How Reading Helps with Self Care During Divorce (and Our Top 5 Book Picks)

There’s nothing like a good book to take your mind away from your troubles, to teach you something new or to spark your imagination. But you may not realize how beneficial the act of reading can be when it comes to self-care; especially during times of stress like divorce. Learn how it can help along with some of our favorite book picks to get you started. Benefits of Reading as Self-Care During Divorce We Read More