Divorce in 2022: What Do You Do First?

It’s the start of a new year and if for you, that means starting the process of divorce, you may wonder what you need to do first. Do you talk to your soon-to-be-ex? Find a new place to live? Hire a lawyer? Start selling off assets? Try to safeguard your money? One thing is for sure; you do need to have a plan when it comes to divorce. We can help you get started by sharing steps to take (and in what order) for as Read More

8 Tips for Dating After Divorce in 2022

If you thought dating was difficult enough the first time around, after divorce it can seem like a whole new ballgame. You may be asking yourself what the dating dos and don’ts are now. How you get it right this time around. How you date with children in the picture. What your ex needs to know, if anything at all. We can help make it easier with these tips on dating after divorce. When Should You Start Dating Read More

2022 Goal Setting with Your Co-Parent Copilot

New year, now co-parenting you? As we reflect on the past year and plan for the next, most of us go through a similar checklist. Am I doing enough for my health? Am I where I want to be professionally? Am I where I want to be personally? And for those of us who are divorced with kids: Have I been the best co-parent I could be? Whether the answer is no, or an emphatic yes, these tips are valuable in 2022 goal setting Read More

Co-parenting Over the Holidays: 5 Creative Gift Ideas for Your Ex-spouse from Your Kids

Co-parenting is tough any time of year, but during the holidays the stress level and emotion can leave exes spreading more bah humbug than Christmas cheer. One of the most difficult tasks, particularly if you have younger children, is helping them with gifts for said ex. Lump of coal, anyone? Realistically you know you’ve got to do better than that when co-parenting over the holidays, and we can help make it easier Read More

Modern Family Prep for the Holidays

There’s a reason most of our holiday celebrations are about as far from a Norman Rockwell painting as you can get – the family unit has evolved. Today’s modern family encompasses extended family members, single parents, gay parents and adopted children, not to mention often a mix of races, ethnicities, and religious beliefs. Which means our holidays are often a blending of backgrounds, experiences and traditions Read More

How to Navigate Your First Holiday Season as a Divorcee

Your first holiday season as a divorcee is likely full of uncertainty, not to mention a mix of emotions. Regardless of how well (or not) you’re adjusting to life after divorce, memories of holidays past can rattle you. It’s understandable! As are the concerns you may have over the logistics of the holidays, the questions you’ll be asked, and whether it might be worth it to just skip the whole season. We can help with Read More

Pros and Cons of Telling Your Spouse You Want a Divorce During the Holiday Season

One could argue that there’s never really an ideal time to tell your spouse you want a divorce. But is doing so during the holidays extra salt in the wound? Or, once you decide it’s time, should you have that discussion right away regardless of the season? Honestly, the answer really depends on you and your specific situation. But we can help guide you with the pros and cons of telling your spouse you want a divorce Read More

5 Ways to Cope with School Holidays Post-Divorce

School holidays can be stressful even in the best of circumstances, from taking time off work to entertaining the kids to orchestrating how you’ll get together with all your family and friends; there’s so much to plan. But the thought of all the added stress sure to come with navigating school holidays post-divorce may make you want to skip them altogether. First, there’s the emotion you and the kids are likely to Read More

Celebrating National New Friends Day with a How-To for Friendship After Divorce

They say you can never have too many friends. Aside from simply the fact that human beings are social creatures, friendships are good for you in many ways, including boosting happiness, reducing stress, and helping you cope in hard times. According to the Mayo Clinic, having strong social support even reduces the risk for everything from depression to high blood pressure and may even help you live longer. But Read More

4 Mental Health Tips During Divorce

World Mental Health Day is coming up and we know there’s almost nothing that takes more of a toll on mental health than a divorce. In fact, according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, a list of 43 stressful life events, divorce comes only second to the death of a spouse or child. Along with stress also comes a higher risk of depression and anxiety among those going through a divorce versus the general population. Read More