Understanding Grandparent Rights During Divorce

There’s no question how important grandparents can be in a child’s life. In fact, research has shown that closeness between grandparents and grandchildren can improve mental health and emotional well-being for both of you. This benefit, in particular, is helpful when the child’s parents are going through a divorce. This is why, in honor of Grandparent’s Day on September 13, we’re devoting this blog to understanding Read More

Book Recommendation Roundup During and After Divorce

National Read a Book Day was this month, and while we love any day that encourages reading, we thought, “Why stop there?” especially when reading is so helpful as you learn, grow, heal and find inspiration during and after divorce. In fact, just the act of reading itself can relieve stress! So, we’re compiling all our book recommendations into one big list so you have plenty of material to choose from any day of the Read More

Dealing with Divorce: Court-Ordered versus Private Mediation

Divorce is unchartered waters for most people. But aside from the emotional complexity, the process itself can be just as challenging. What are the steps? What are the options? Does it have to involve lawyers and court appearances? In fact, often one of the most confusing aspects for soon-to-be exes is the role of mediation in the divorce process. Here’s what you need to know about court-ordered versus private Read More

6 Back-to-School Co-Parenting Tips

Hooray, back to school is finally here! For parents, it’s a magical time where routine reappears, boredom complaints go silent and all-day snacking is no more! Your kids, on the other hand, likely aren’t quite as thrilled. And they may be a bit anxious about the co-parenting schedule changes the new school year brings, too. These back-to-school co-parenting tips can smooth the transition for everyone Read More

Grey Divorce: What It Is and 5 Tips to Navigate It

It’s a common, albeit sad, statistic that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. But what’s surprising is that while the divorce rate has gone down or risen only slightly among younger age groups, for adults ages 50 and older it has nearly doubled in the past 25 years according to Pew Research Center. Here’s what you should know about “grey divorce” and how to navigate it. The Details on Grey Divorce A Read More

Cohab Outlines (What to Know about Summer Living)

Summer is a time that’s supposed to be relaxed and easy; when we enjoy the sun, the warmth and the company of those we love. But if you’re just beginning to live with your one and only, it’s important to set some ground rules before things get too heated to handle. Check out these cohabitation tips to make summer living (together) even better. Cohabitation is More and More Common ‘Living together’ doesn’t carry the Read More

8 Green Flags and How To Know If You Are in a Healthy Relationship

As a mediator and collaborative divorce practitioner, I’ve unfortunately seen more than my fair share of unhealthy relationships. Perhaps that’s why it always mystifies me that relationship advice more often focuses on negatives like spotting the red flags when simply the absence of them doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found Mr./Ms. Right. So instead, let’s focus on positives like how to know if you are in a healthy Read More

Your Independence Day Declaration: 5 Tips to Stay Healthy Right After Divorce

If you’re recently divorced, Independence Day may take on an additional meaning, particularly if it was a contentious process. You may feel as if you’ve just won your own freedom. But that doesn’t mean the battles you’ve fought haven’t taken their toll or that you aren’t still healing. But to truly be free and ready to start over, you have to be healthy both mentally and physically. Here’s how. Eat Right – It Read More

Tips for Summer Co-Parenting Planning

Summer is here and the kids are on break which should mean your own break from the school-year scheduling hassles, right? Not necessarily if you’re divorced and co-parenting with your ex. In fact, you may be facing even more stress as you navigate a schedule that has more options – camps, vacations, sports to name a few – and is much more open to argument. Without these tips for summer co-parenting planning, of Read More

How to Celebrate Dad When You Are Divorced This Father’s Day

The marriage may now be finished, but chances are you and your ex are just getting started when it comes to the new reality of navigating holidays with your children. Trust us, it can be done successfully! With Father’s Day coming up soon, we think it’s the perfect time to learn how to honor the holiday amicably and appropriately for everyone. Check out these five tips to celebrate dad when you are Read More