At Mediated Online Solutions, we know that you want to avoid a bitter battle as you divorce. You'd like to work out an agreement with your Ex, but you also realize that the communication problems that contributed to your break up are going to get in the way of your negotiations. You are no doubt feeling worried, because the decisions you will need to make are too important and long-lasting to risk getting it wrong. That's where we come in. Our Mediation Team is here to help you find a way forward with the support and experience you need to successfully negotiate your way to a no-court divorce. You are only one phone call away from peace of mind. So don't hesitate call today. In the meantime download our free resource guides to read up on what you need to know to get divorced without the stress, mess and expense of court.


I’ve had the good fortune in my “life” to work on both a professional and personal level with John & Deb. Thank you, John, for making our children’s “lives better” and Deb for supporting my “life” when I needed it the most.
Deb represented me as my attorney in a divorce that lasted about 12 months, and has provided occasional follow-up in response to questions and challenges over the last 2 years. Deb and her team were absolutely and always great to work with. They were professional and responsive. I especially liked t…
Peter Smallidge
Debra represented our family through a complicated and difficult custody and adoption. Debra was always a brilliant communicator and compassionate advocate throughout the process. Her level of professionalism and strength as an attorney were unmatched. Our family has and always will hold her in the …
Linda Leavens
I wanted to go through the divorce process without losing my integrity and becoming bitter. Debra helped me navigate through my options with civility. Needing to get a divorce is unpleasant, but I was very satisfied with the final outcome Debra helped me to achieve.
Amanda Patenaude
Debra helped me to make smart and informed decisions about my recent separation from my spouse. I truly believe the smartest decision made during that period was to retain Debra. I appreciate greatly what she did for me!
Rich Walraven

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