Trick Or Treat: How to Have Fun on Halloween as Co-Parents


Halloween is coming soon, and while the kids are looking forward to all those treats; if you’re looking for tricks to help you prevent a co-parenting nightmare you’ve come to the right place. It’s a tough holiday to navigate as co-parents for sure, but it can be done. Here’s how to have fun with your little ghouls on Halloween as co-parents.

Tips for Halloween as Co-Parents

First, look at the big picture. Halloween is a huge deal for kids so you want to plan ahead as much as possible to ensure it goes smoothly. To do that you’ll need to decide as co-parents whether this is a holiday that you’ll switch off each year or whether you plan to split the day. Other considerations include who takes school events and, if Halloween events fall on different days, who takes the kids to which ones. Once you decide, you’ll want to add this to your parenting plan for the future.

Other tips include:

1. Put the Kids First

Regardless of the animosity you may have towards your ex, Halloween is about the kids plain and simple. Enduring a power struggle will ruin it for them and potentially damage your relationship. Instead, include them in the planning and be as respectful and tolerant as you can of your ex.

2. Agree on Rules

Even though you’ve decided the big things for Halloween as co-parents like who has the kids and when there are still so many details with this holiday! You’ll need to come to an agreement on things like candy intake, appropriate costumes, how late the kids can stay up, etc., and stick to it. This is an opportunity to show your kids that even though you’re divorced you still co-parent as a unit. No tricks from them!

3. Share the Halloween Experience

Regardless of how evenly you split the Halloween events, you’re still likely going to miss out on some of this special holiday with the kids. It’s not a great feeling and your ex is sure to have similar emotions. This is an opportunity to extend an olive branch, as far as co-parenting is concerned, that can smooth the road for the future: take photos and videos of the kids at events with you and share them. Then ask your ex to do the same! This kind of consideration can go a long way.

4. Start New Traditions

Keep in mind that you and your ex won’t be the only ones adjusting to Halloween in two households, especially if this is your first one after divorce. Even if the kids get to do all the same activities as they usually do, they’ll likely still feel a loss that you’re not doing them as a family unit like before. To help, you and your ex might also start new traditions in your respective homes so they have something extra to look forward to. If you love to decorate, maybe you and the kids could go all out with the house. If your ex loves scary movies, maybe they could do a marathon with the kids. The possibilities are endless.


Mediation Can Help Co-Parents

If you and your ex are struggling as co-parents over Halloween or beyond, it might be time to consider mediation to resolve some of your issues. In this process, a neutral third party trained in effective communication strategies can help you negotiate amicably toward an agreement. Mediation is often a cheaper and quicker alternative than getting your lawyers involved and litigating the situation in court. Plus, we offer fully virtual coaching and mediation services for added flexibility and convenience – you don’t even have to be in the same room!

For help with Halloween as co-parents, contact us today to learn more about our mediation services or for a free consultation from our experienced team.

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