4 Fun and Easy Activities for Blended Families to Grow Closer

This year for Mother’s Day, we are celebrating everything that mothers do to hold their families close together. Mothers of blended families have to work especially hard, sometimes bridging cultures and vastly different ages to create a new family unit. It can sometimes be challenging to come up with activities to bring everyone in a blended family closer together, especially in the age of social distancing. With that in mind, here are 4 fun and easy activities we recommend to help blended families have fun and grow closer:

Movie Night

While some families may be tired of sitting in front of their television after a year spent indoors, you can make an event out of a Movie Night. Pop some popcorn, buy some candy, and have everyone bring their pillows and blankets into the living room for a cozy group activity. 

Game Night

Playing a game allows everyone to relax and focus on a group activity. Consider cooperative games like Quirky Circuits and Flash Point: Fire Rescue, not just competitive games like Sorry or Chutes and Ladders. If you have a video game system, Overcooked and Jackbox Party Pack are great options! Just don’t make it Monopoly – you’ll be there all week!


Hiking is a great way to spend time outdoors and still socially distance. If you have small kids, you don’t have to bring the tent and the beans. You can just enjoy an easy uphill/downhill and admire the views (and the sweat) along the way.


Making food for the whole family is hard, in terms of the amount of food and variety of tastes. To make the work go by quicker (and help build a little bit of character,) get everyone in on the game! To get your kids involved, allow them to pick a side dish or dessert they love and help make it.

Bringing Families Closer Together

At Mediated Online Solutions, we know how hard mothers work to bring their families together – especially in blended families. Choose a fun activity (or two or three) and watch the family work together to have a good time. Maybe The Brady Bunch had it right! For more family help, contact Mediated Online Solutions today. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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