Love and Relationships After Divorce: 6 Books to Lean On

Sure, this time of year can be cringe-worthy for those of us who are recently divorced. But, all the talk of love can also inspire you to start thinking about new beginnings as well, right? Realistically for most of us, it’s probably a little of both! Regardless, it’s a great time to think about rebuilding relationships – including your most important relationship – the one with yourself! These must-read books can Read More

Divorced? Read these 5 books!

Some of the silver linings of being newly divorced may be a bit more free time? Time to reflect and heal and there is no better companion than a book to comfort the soul. Our team and hundreds of polled divorcees have come up with some recommendations based on client feedback and of course books that are meant to rebuild and refresh the body, mind and soul! Let us know if we missed one that you highly suggest. In no Read More