5 Narcissist Behaviors That Often Get Overlooked

When a person acts selfish, arrogant, or manipulative, the narcissist label is usually not far behind. The trouble is that the term narcissist is tossed around so readily nowadays that it’s often not taken as seriously as it should. However, narcissistic behaviors by a partner can be extremely detrimental to not only a relationship but also to the well-being of the person subjected to it. But what separates a true Read More

The 4 Paths to Divorce: A Sneak Peek of Divorce Like A Pro

Most people assume there’s only one way to divorce. And that’s with two sides facing off in a courtroom. Not only is it an intimidating prospect, but it’s also a costly and time-consuming one that leaves your fate in the hands of a stranger in a black robe. Thankfully you have other options. Here are the four main paths to divorce: Option One – Kitchen Table Talks This option costs the least and has the least Read More

How to Combat Divorce When the Economy is Tough

Going through a divorce is always stressful, but divorcing during an economic downturn can be even more challenging. When the economy is struggling, everything feels so much more tenuous—especially if you're going through a significant life change. However, a New York divorce online doesn't have to mean financial ruin, even during a recession. By using divorce mediation and planning ahead, you can help protect Read More

5 Signs You Are in An Unhealthy Relationship and What To Do About It

Do you ever wonder if you’re in an unhealthy relationship? Well, that may be your first sign. However, often toxic relationship patterns can be subtle and difficult to recognize. Then, over time, you may start to consider them normal when they are anything but. Or, maybe you have experienced or been around other relationships that are so clearly toxic red flags can be seen from a mile away and yours seems ideal by Read More

Trick Or Treat: How to Have Fun on Halloween as Co-Parents

Halloween is coming soon, and while the kids are looking forward to all those treats; if you’re looking for tricks to help you prevent a co-parenting nightmare you’ve come to the right place. It’s a tough holiday to navigate as co-parents for sure, but it can be done. Here’s how to have fun with your little ghouls on Halloween as co-parents. Tips for Halloween as Co-Parents First, look at the big picture. Read More

Tips for Dealing with High Conflict People in Divorce and Co-Parenting

If you are divorcing and/or co-parenting with a high-conflict personality, you know how impossible they can make an already difficult process. But there are ways to deal with their behavior more effectively. We recently hosted a Facebook Live with Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. (Attorney, Social Worker, Therapist, Mediator, and Author) where he answered audience questions on commonly challenging issues with tips to help you Read More

Honoring National Family Day with Tips for Healing When It Seems Impossible After Divorce

Divorce is certainly one of the hardest things a family can endure but while it may break up the home it doesn’t have to break the relationship between you and your kids. That’s not to say there won’t be cracks—anger, sadness, blame, resentment, fear—especially in the beginning. But there are ways to minimize the damage during the divorce and heal together in a healthy way afterward. In honor of National Family Day Read More

How Mediation Can Help You with Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparent’s Day, the first Sunday of September following Labor Day, honors the vital role these men and women play in the lives of our children. Research has shown that closeness between grandparents and grandchildren can improve mental health and emotional well-being for both. What’s more, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2020 approximately 3 million children were being raised by a grandparent. Yet, it may Read More

How To Keep Calm When Your Ex Acts Bat S^$T Crazy During Your Divorce

No divorce is easy, but some, admittedly, are much harder than others and often the reason is that one soon-to-be-ex-spouse is punishing the other. Maybe they don’t want the divorce, maybe they feel betrayed, or maybe, they’re just hateful in general. Regardless of the reason, if your ex is acting crazy during your divorce, you don’t have to just suffer through it. These tips can help you cope and keep your Read More

Family Fun Month: 6 Tips for Connecting with Children During Divorce

Family Fun Month is celebrated every August and the goal is much like it sounds; to encourage families to make time for each other and do things you can all enjoy together. If you have recently gone through a divorce or are in the midst of one, fun may be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s important to stay connected to your children during this time, and, in honor of the month, here are some fun ways to do Read More