5 Lessons Learned from Divorce Like A Pro: A Better Way To Break Up

With over 27 years as a New York attorney, half specializing in matrimonial and family law, I have seen it all when it comes to divorce, but I have become dismayed by how the system deals with families. To the point where I believe that family court should be a last resort, not the first stop, as it often seems to do more harm than good. I wrote Divorce Like a Pro to show families that there are other options besides Read More

10 Narcissistic Traits To Look Out For With Your Spouse (And What To Do About It)

Do the words selfish, arrogant, or manipulative describe your spouse to a tee? And does that mean they are a narcissist? Maybe or maybe not. Many people don’t realize that there’s a mental health condition known as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). However, according to the Cleveland Clinic, up to only 5% of people who exhibit narcissistic behaviors truly have NPD. But the label doesn’t necessarily matter Read More

5 Tips for Healing Divorce Trauma in the New Year

There’s no question that divorce is one of the most difficult experiences an adult can face. But some divorces can be especially so, even to the point of causing trauma. People often consider traumatic experiences to be related to violent crime, a natural disaster, illness, or the death of a loved one. But really, it can be any situation that threatens your well-being physically and/or psychologically. Divorce Read More

How to Prepare for Divorce in the New Year

It’s a new year, which means out with the old and in with the new, right? Perhaps that’s why January has been unofficially dubbed “divorce month,” as it’s the time of year when filings tend to rise, according to MarketWatch. But before you get the ball rolling on your divorce, make sure you’re prepared. Here’s how. Why the New Year Ushers in Divorce While there’s certainly no right or wrong time of year to Read More

6 Co-Parenting Tips for Peaceful Pre-Planning in 2023

With the New Year just days away, we’re all thinking about resolutions for 2023. If you’re currently co-parenting with your ex and want to make some changes, now is the perfect time. Not only does the calendar give you an excuse to bring up the topic, but it also serves as an opportunity to start fresh. These tips can help you pre-plan more peacefully for the upcoming year. Why Peaceful Co-Parenting Is So Read More

Narcissist Survival Guide: How to Survive the Holidays with Your Ex

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, but couple that with divorcing a narcissist, and you may be feeling less than jolly. You’ve seen how they have tried to ruin holidays in the past and know this year will be no different. But you can change how you react. And these narcissist survival tips can help. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Narcissist The Grinch may have nothing on your narcissist ex, but if Read More

Healing After Divorce by Practicing Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

During the month of November, we all focus on gratitude. Did anyone else do the 30 days of thanks challenge? But after Thanksgiving, many of us check that off the list and move on to the next thing. But I challenge you, as we close out the month, to continue giving thanks. Especially for those in the middle of or post-divorce who feel physically and emotionally drained, having a grateful mindset can go a long way Read More

Narcissistic Abuse 101: How to Recognize It in Your Marriage and How to Heal

No one plans on marrying a narcissist. But it may be more common than you think. Sandra L. Brown, the founder of the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education, estimates that over 60 million people might be affected by a narcissistic relationship. Which is a startling reminder that all too often, emotional abuse such as narcissism is overlooked and underreported. But it doesn’t have to Read More

5 Narcissist Behaviors That Often Get Overlooked

When a person acts selfish, arrogant, or manipulative, the narcissist label is usually not far behind. The trouble is that the term narcissist is tossed around so readily nowadays that it’s often not taken as seriously as it should. However, narcissistic behaviors by a partner can be extremely detrimental to not only a relationship but also to the well-being of the person subjected to it. But what separates a true Read More

The 4 Paths to Divorce: A Sneak Peek of Divorce Like A Pro

Most people assume there’s only one way to divorce. And that’s with two sides facing off in a courtroom. Not only is it an intimidating prospect, but it’s also a costly and time-consuming one that leaves your fate in the hands of a stranger in a black robe. Thankfully you have other options. Here are the four main paths to divorce: Option One – Kitchen Table Talks This option costs the least and has the least Read More