How Divorce Coaching Can Support You When You Need It Most

You’ve made the gut-wrenching decision to divorce, but now what? Most of us don’t have any idea where to start. And why would you – divorce was never something you imagined would happen. While a search of Google on “How to get divorced” gives you a mind-blowing 778,000,000 opinions on the subject, that’s not exactly the personalized support you need. That’s where divorce coaching comes in – yes, it’s a thing! Here’s Read More

5 Tips for Co-Parenting During the Holidays

There are many things that change after a divorce, and how you parent your children is a big one. Co-parenting is one of the most significant challenges, and it is even more difficult during the holidays. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help make the entire experience easier for both you and your kids.  Accept that Things are Different The first, and likely most important, thing that you can do Read More

Self Care During Divorce – The Best Gift to Yourself

10 Self -Care Tips to Survive the Last of 2020 During a Divorce Divorce is hard any time but divorce in 2020, that’s another level! Regardless of whether it’s amicable or not, the stress and emotion has likely taken its toll on your mental as well as physical health. How could it not? As the holidays draw near (which can also be stressful in and of themselves) you definitely need some good self-care tips to Read More

The Art of Kitchen Table Talk: Series #1

Bringing An Attitude Of Gratitude into Divorce During the Holidays Thanksgiving just passed and although the holiday is surrounded by turkey and all the fixin’s the essence of bringing family together for a meal really serves as a reminder that giving thanks isn’t just for one holiday. It’s the act of giving thanks and a readiness to show kindness which can be done all year round – even between ex-spouses.  Yes, we Read More

Quarreling During Quarantine: How Mediation Can Help Solve problems Before and During Divorce

From unemployment and financial strain to illness of loved ones to homeschooling kids, COVID-19 hasn’t been easy on anyone. But dealing with all this while stuck together 24/7 during quarantine has simply been too much for some relationships to bear. That’s why it may come as no surprise that the number of people seeking divorce was 34 percent higher from March through June compared to 2019 according to Legal Read More

Avoid This Bad Divorce Advice!

When you break the news to your friends and family that you are getting a divorce, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone will have an opinion. You’re likely to receive unsolicited advice left and right. All of it will probably be well-intentioned. Some of it will be good and some of it… not so much. In today’s blog post, we’re looking at some bad divorce advice, and discussing why it’s wrong and what you Read More

Three Co-Parenting Tips for the Newly Divorced

Sometimes co-parenting with your ex can be really challenging, even when you know it’s the best way forward for your child. Many newly divorced parents feel a strong urge to be finished with interacting with their former partner once the end of the marriage is finalized, but cutting ties isn’t quite so possible when you share a child. It is important to keep in mind that despite all your differences, the fact that Read More

Top Three Tips for Protecting Your Emotional Health During Stressful Times

Divorce is full of challenges. From the beginning when you’re unsure of how to get started or whether it’s the right choice, to the end when you’re faced with building a new life on your own, each phase of a divorce has its own difficulties. It can be rough on your emotional health, so it’s important to take measures to protect your emotional wellbeing, even when it feels like you're too busy or overwhelmed to take a Read More


You’re in Love and you're living together. Fantastic. Its time for a Cohabitation agreement – it may not sound romantic and fun, but it is certainly a necessity.  Whether living together in a rented home or one of your own it is a huge commitment to move in with someone and share their life. It is good to be aware that cohabiting couples have fewer protections under the law than married couples and so when things go Read More

Five Ways to Help Your Child During Your Divorce

Through the ups and downs of the divorce process, most parents are acutely aware of how the end of their marriage is impacting their children, but many struggle to productively address the issue. Sometimes it can be difficult to support and reassure your child when you are in the midst of your own emotional battle. In today’s blog post, we’re looking at the top five ways you can help your child during your divorce. Read More