It’s Mother’s Day – Tips for Navigating the Day as a Blended Family

There are many things that change after a divorce, and how you manage the holidays is a major one. Blended Families are even more challenged during holiday times. With Mother’s Day upon us, managing the stress that can come with the expectations and communications between families is important. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help make the entire experience easier for both you and your Read More

Ask Debra Anything

You asked and Debra answered! We gathered an array of great questions from you on everything from divorce to child custody for her to answer live on Facebook. Below we share the questions asked and Debra’s abbreviated answer! For the full Q&A session watch the video here, and for more information on any personal support and guidance as you navigate divorce and/or co-parenting, our team of Certified Divorce Read More

How Reading Helps with Self Care During Divorce (and Our Top 5 Book Picks)

There’s nothing like a good book to take your mind away from your troubles, to teach you something new or to spark your imagination. But you may not realize how beneficial the act of reading can be when it comes to self-care; especially during times of stress like divorce. Learn how it can help along with some of our favorite book picks to get you started. Benefits of Reading as Self-Care During Divorce We Read More

10 Things to Never Text Your Ex

It can all too easily happen. You’re lonely, you’re bored, you’ve drunk too much or maybe you just miss that ‘in love’ feeling so you impulsively do it: you text your ex. Trouble is; once it’s sent you can’t take it back, no matter how much you might want to. But aside from embarrassment, if you’re in the middle of a divorce those texts could have real consequences. Here are the types of texts you should avoid and Read More

A Checklist of What to Change When You Divorce

Your divorce is done and finally so is all that mind-numbing paperwork, right? Not so fast – unless you’re ok with your ex still being the beneficiary on your investments or being covered on your health insurance plan. We didn’t think so. Here’s what you need to change for a clean break; at least from a financial and legal perspective.  Name Change – We’ve listed this number one for a reason. It’s Read More

How To Revive A Tribe Post-Divorce

Divorce doesn’t just end your marriage, all too often it ends friendships as well. Particularly those ‘couple’ friends who may now feel they have to choose between you or your ex. Or, those friendships you made through your ex. Of course, there may also be those that don’t know what to say or disagree with your decision to divorce that fade away too. Although it’s hard, this is a time to look forward and one great Read More

5 Reasons You Should Make a Prenuptial Agreement Before Getting Married

There are many discussions around PreNuptial Agreements and for a long time the rumor was these were just for the super rich, it was something celebrities did and there was a negative connotation around them. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document made by a couple before they get married that addresses, among other things, how they would like their personal property distributed throughout their marriage and if Read More

Spring Clean Your Relationship: 5 Tips to Keep Your Marriage Happy from a Divorce Lawyer

It’s the time of year where many of us begin spring cleaning, a time of renewal and change. We’ll tackle the house, the garage and the yard, but what about our relationships? Yes, you read that correctly. Relationships need attention too - especially after all the stress we have  endured  during a pandemic and quarantine this past year. Now is the perfect time, as Spring is all about renewal and revitalization. These Read More

Dealing with Divorce: 5 Tips for People Who Don’t Like to Journal

When it comes to processing your emotions after divorce, journaling is often touted as a must do. But what if writing isn’t your thing? Or what if, after perusing the subject on Instagram or Pinterest, the pressure to create one of ‘those’ picture perfect journals makes you feel even more stressed? First, take a deep breath. Second, put what you think journaling is supposed to look like out of your mind. Third, check Read More

Women’s History Month: 5 Fierce Inspirations in Life and Love

It’s Women’s History Month! The annual celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society, as well as the time of year when women collectively wonder we can’t get this level of love and acknowledgement year-round. But that’s a question for another day. Here and now, we are celebrating those women who inspire us to love ourselves - which as brilliant women - we know, is the first step to finding Read More